Monday, July 1, 2024

Rathbun Lake watershed landowners take action to protect Rathbun Lake

Since the Rathbun Land and Water Alliance's Protect Rathbun Lake Project began in 2004, nearly 600 landowners have worked with project staff to implement conservation practices that protect Rathbun Lake. Rathbun Lake is the water source for Rathbun Regional Water Association, which provides drinking water to 90,000 people in 57 communities and 18 counties in southern Iowa and northern Missouri.

The action taken by these landowners has reduced sediment delivery to Rathbun Lake by
an estimated 66,000 tons per year. Phosphorus delivery to Rathbun Lake has been reduced by close to 280,000 pounds annually.

More than 2 million feet of terraces and 770 grade stabilization structures and sediment basins have been installed by these landowners.

To date, landowners have contributed nearly $6 million to the protection of Rathbun Lake by installing best management practices.

Click on the Rathbun Lake Protectors tab to learn more about the Rathbun Lake Watershed landowners who have taken action to protect Rathbun Lake.

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